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The logo of the Mediation Committee while it was active

The Mediation Committee was a panel of editors who resolved content disputes on Wikipedia articles by providing formal mediation. The Mediation Committee was established with the Arbitration Committee in 2003 by Jimmy Wales and was the last stage of content dispute resolution on the English Wikipedia. Mediation was entered into voluntarily by the parties to the dispute and did not result in binding resolutions. The Mediation Committee policy documented how the Mediation Committee, its mediators, and the formal mediation process operated. This policy was maintained by the Committee and was considered an authoritative codification of how Committee matters should be conducted.

After a substantial period of inactivity, the Mediation Committee was shut down by community consensus on 12 November 2018.


  • For a list of declined requests, go to Wikipedia:Requests for mediation/Rejected cases.
  • Previous requests for mediation are indexed below. Please note that mediation often took place on the talk page; the latter box allows those pages to be searched.

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Closed mediation cases (accepted requests)

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