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Since its inception in January 2001, Wikipedia has garnered substantial media attention. The following is a list of the project's press coverage received in 2001, sorted chronologically.


  • Klaver, Marie-José (March 12, 2001). "Nupedia". Apestaartje (in Dutch). Archived from the original on August 3, 2001. An article on Nupedia that mentions Wikipedia as a more open alternative.



  • McMurray, Sandy (August 15, 2001). "Free Encyclopedia". Netelligence. Sun Media. Archived from the original on February 5, 2002. ... you might want to bookmark the latest free information on the Web. and are two growing collections of online information written by a team of volunteers.
  • "Knowledge at your fingertips. Game On: Internet Chat". Wales on Sunday. August 26, 2001. Both Encarta and Britannica are official publications with well-deserved reputations. But there are other options, such as the homemade encyclopaedias. One is Wikipedia ( which uses clever software to build an encyclopaedia from scratch. Wiki is software installed on a web server that allows anyone to edit any of the pages. At the Wikipedia, anyone can write about any subject they know about. The idea is that over time, enough experts will offer their knowledge for free and build up the world's ultimate hand-built database of knowledge. The disadvantage is that it's still an ongoing project. So far about 8,000 articles have been written and the editors are aiming for 100,000.
  • "The information is at your fingertips – but for a price". The Irish News. August 27, 2001.